Catherine Gorrie - Managing Director and Lead Bushfire Consultant

Our Company Principal is Catherine Gorrie.  Catherine has a Graduate Diploma in Bushfire Protection from the University of Western Sydney and is Accredited under the Fire Protection Association Australia Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Scheme as a Level 3 practitioner, (BPAD20751), which places her in the category of a “recognised qualified consultant”.  Catherine is fully insured, and able to provide alternate solutions where strict compliance with Planning for Bush Fire Protection is not achievable.

Catherine is also a qualified Environmental Health & Building Surveyor with over 16 years of local government experience, including development assessment.  Catherine is also a qualified Trainer and Assessor and has provided Bushfire Assessment Skills Seminars to Council staff, Building Certifiers, Architects and Builders for over five years.

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Bushfire Consulting Services Pty Ltd are extremely well placed to provide reports, training and services which fulfil todays legislative requirements.

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