Changes to Bushfire requirements for Childcare Facilities

Children under the care of others are among the most vulnerable occupants of a building. It is important they can access and exit these buildings safely, particularly in the case of an emergency evacuation, like a fire.   New National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 requirements address potential emergency evacuation challenges.   Key Changes NCC 2022 identifies additional bush fire provisions for the construction, separation and access requirements for certain Class 9 buildings accommodating vulnerable occupants on bush fire prone land.   Class 9 buildings include some Special Fire Protection Purpose (SFPP) developments under section 100B of the Rural Fires Act 1997, such as Class 9a hospitals, Class 9b schools and child care centres and Class 9c residential care buildings.   Additional Performance Criteria and Acceptable Solutions relevant to Bushfire Protection Measures within Planning For Bushfire Protection (PBP) for SFPP Class 9 buildings are identified in Appendix B of the Planning For Bushfire Protection 2022 Addendum.   Associated NCC requirements of Specification 43 can be found here