About Us

Bushfire Consulting Services Pty Ltd are extremely well placed to provide reports, training and services which fulfil todays legislative requirements.

If you’d like to discuss an existing or proposed development, get in touch and speak to one of our friendly team! We have been providing expert advice for bushfire prone land developments for over ten years!

The Principal and Lead Consultant of Bushfire Consulting Services Pty Ltd holds Level 3 Accreditation (the highest level attainable), under the Fire Protection Association Australia’s Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accreditation Scheme. We also have Level 2 Practitioners and other staff who have completed UWS post graduate diploma in Bushfire Planning and Design and/or Building Surveying.

We offer bushfire expertise and understanding of Council requirements unequalled within NSW. Some of our team are also qualified Building Surveyors with many years of Development Assessment experience and carrying out building inspections at Council and privately! We are proud to have Brian Crane with us, who has a Masters in Building Surveying!

Meet Our Leaders

Catherine Gorrie

Our Company Principal is Catherine Gorrie. Catherine has a Graduate Diploma in Bushfire Protection from the University of Western Sydney and is Accredited under the Fire Protection Association Australia Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Scheme as a Level 3 practitioner, (BPAD20751), which places her in the category of a “recognised qualified consultant”. Catherine is fully insured, and able to provide alternate solutions where strict compliance with Planning for Bush Fire Protection is not achievable.

Catherine is also a qualified Environmental Health & Building Surveyor with over 16 years of local government experience, including development assessment and building certification. Catherine is also a qualified Trainer and Assessor and has provided Bushfire Assessment Skills Seminars to Council staff, Building Certifiers, Architects and Builders for over five years. Catherine is also a member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia’s Technical Advisory Committee /20 Bushfire Safety, the Western Sydney University External Advisory Committee – Built Environment, and the NSW Rural Fire Service Planning For Bushfire Protection Implementation Group.

Meet our team