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Our in-house building surveyors work with you to provide a range of services that many Building Certifiers are seeing as essential. These start with ensuring your design meets the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) that has been determined, through to ensuring the construction meets the bushfire development consent conditions. For Flame Zone dwellings, we carry out two site inspections to ensure your new roof is correctly installed.

Bushfire Statement of Compliance

A Bush Fire Statement of Compliance is prepared at the end of construction to certify that the development has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Bushfire Attack Level nominated by the BAL Certificate or Development Consent.

It can also be provided at other stages of development such as at the Design stage to verify that the design complies with the determined BAL. Many Certifiers are requesting this service. We have had lots of feedback that our assistance has prevented many costly mistakes during construction.

Statements of Compliance can also be provided for Asset Protection Zones and various stages of subdivision.

Bushfire Statements of Compliance also take into account Planning For Bushfire Protection and all bushfire related development consent conditions. Your Certifier is entitled to rely on this Statement in relation to bushfire matters when issuing the Final Occupation Certificate.



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